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We turn literacy into a pure delight

Our phonics curriculum is based on the internationally recognized method, Jolly Phonics.
It is research-based, children friendly, and comprehensive. But, even better, students will feel like they are having fun.

We personalize each child’s learning experience

Ever felt like there’s an insurmountable gap between your child’s sincere literacy tutor and your child? Well, there actually is, and that gap is spelled c-u-r-r-i-c-u-l-u-m. Contrary to how most literacy models are designed, Jolly Phonics is designed with your child and its unique abilities in mind.

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We provided targeted help that meets everyone’s need

Literacy is the first step to virtually every path of success. With our numerous resources, we meet you at your point of need. Nothing gives us more joy as watching the fires of literacy engulf the world.

Give it a try and see your students excel

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