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We turn literacy into a pure delight

Our phonics curriculum is based on the internationally recognized method, Jolly Phonics.
It is research-based, children friendly, and comprehensive. But, even better, students will feel like they are having fun.

We personalize each child's learning experience

We have various packages for children, teachers and schools. Explore each category to see what we have in stock for you.

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We provide targeted help when a student needs it

Do you have a child that is signifying a need for ‘help’ in literacy? Serene Educational Resources through the use of an evidence based method- Jolly Phonics ensures a child learns reading and writing in a fun loving way. Most importantly we focus on self-paced learning so as to understand the learner’s needs for better interventions.

Give it a try and see your students excel

Serene Educational Resources teaches children (Age 4 and above) how to read and write in 90days. Our early intervention and preventative approach ensures that learners are supported to access suitable literacy curriculum, through a creative, tailored, and developmentally sensitive early literacy programme.

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